Project: E-learning system

E-learning system

 Core functionalities of the system:

  • Administration and management of learning topics
  • Administration and management of tests
  • User communication


  • System allows to create and publish custom learning topics. The number of topics is unlimited. Topics might be grouped and ordered according to specific needs.
  • Learning topcis might be hidden or active.
  • Each learibg topic contain control questions (test)


  • Administrator (tutor) can add unlimited number of questions to each learning topic.
  • Ordering of questions might be easily arranged.
  • Types of questions:
    • single select
    • multiply select

System ensures different types of communication across the users:

  • Student communication with administrator/tutor (questions/comments)
  • Tutor's communication with students:
    • students who passed tests
    • studentd who did not passed tests yet
    • with all students
    • with each single student
    Student work results can be monitored form following perspectives
    • number of users who passed tests
    • number of users who passed only part of tests
    • individual results of each user