Consultation for digitization, long-term preservation and access matters
Digitization of traditional paper-based and audiovisual material
Database design and meta data management
Digital content presentation services
„DIZI Heritage“ focuses on small-sized memory institutions (libraries, museums and archives) as well as on private and other institutional archives.

Our digitisation services are not limited by analogue material transformation to digital form but also include long-term preservation and access strategy.

In daily workflow we respect international standards and recommendations, provided by experts and professional organizations.

About digitisation

The advent of digital technologies brought possibility to convert the content of obsolescent analogue documents into digital media and preserve it for posterity without any loss of data. The access to digitized material in electronic environment is possible 24 hours per day and is less technologically complicated (that is very common for audiovisual material because of proper equipment need).

The key factor of successful use of digitized archival material is metadata. The only way to maintain digital collections effective is comprehensive and standardized description of objects.

Why work with us?

Our staff members have skills and knowledge in field of information and communication, archival science and museology.

While buying digitisation services you can save your financial, technological and human resources. In such way you easily solve such questions as purchase and renewal of digitisation equipment, new staff employment and training.

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